Marjorie McKenzie Lawson

Marjorie McKenzie Lawson was an exceptional Woman of Washington. Born in 1912, she graduated from college as a Social Worker, before studying law at both Terrell and Columbia Universities. After her marriage to Belford V. Lawson, Jr., she joined his law practice at 2001 Eleventh Street, NW. For over six decades, she was a fixture on the District of Columbia political scene, and was equally well-known on Martha’s Vineyard where she kept a house.

In The Abstract

By Margaret Mulvihill In The Abstract As politics permeate every strand and fiber of our society, so too does public relations permeate politics. As every action we take is in some way […]

So – You Want To Be President!

Over the coming months, candidates will begin to ‘declare’. Some have already signaled their intent to do so, by setting up PACs (political action campaigns) and by forming ‘exploratory’ committees. Heady times are ahead for the PR shops, with an elegant abundance of clients to go around. A great deal of air-time and print inches will go towards debating which candidates will make the short list. By the time the shortlist has pulled itself together, we will have all possible information on every potential candidate. The good, and the bad, and the ugly.