The Banker Did It. In The Bedroom. With A Knife.

What frenzy drove 27-year old Michael, son of State Street’s Jim Tabacchi, to strangle and stab to death his wife Denise Iran Pars, afterwards stabbing himself in the heart, on February 6, 2015? As he committed the crime, their fifteen month old son August, lay in his crib beside them. His parents were on their way to the house, having been summoned by their son. The couple’s Facebook pages show a story of love and togetherness. Photographs of a happy couple with their beautiful son.

At this stage in the investigation, prosecutors have not said if they have removed any evidence from the house or from Tabacchi’s office; but it stands to reason that computers and cellphones will be combed through for evidence of motive.

What demons hid behind Michael Tabacchi’s smile? Strangulation is personal, the stabbing overkill. A crime of passion? Perhaps.

Hints of infidelity and financial difficulties continue to bubble under the surface. Speaking on Facebook in December, Denise wrote “My life is about as far from perfect as it can get, but every day I leave a job I really like with people I really enjoy to spend the night with my gorgeous, healthy, baby boy, cat and husband…not a bad life.” After that, she posted a photo of what she said would be her “mantra for 2015”:

“Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues. – Steve Maraboli.”

Who were the people dulling the shine and poisoning the spirit of Denise Iran Pars Tabacchi? Was it her husband?

Michael Tabacchi went directly from Bergen Catholic High School to work for his father, ending up at JP Morgan as an operations associate, handling back-end trades.

While the JPMorgan connection is being downplayed, Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli would be doing little August Tabacchi a grave disservice if he does not investigate that angle.

There have been many banker suicides and murder/suicides since the financial crisis, but the JPMorgan name leaps out:

Jefferson Township, NJ – Julian Knott, age 45 and a director in JPMorgan’s technology network, shot his wife Alita, age 47, before killing himself.

Hong Kong – Li Junjie, age 33, jumped off the roof of the company’s office.

London – Gabriel Magee, a vice president with JPMorgan’s technology unit in London, jumped off an office tower.

Stamford, CT – Ryan Henry Crane, a New Jersey native and executive director with the company, was found dead in his home.


Michael Tabacchi’s father, James M. Tabacchi, also known as Jim, serves as Chief Executive Officer and President at South Street Securities Holdings, Inc. (formerly CMET Finance Holdings, Inc.).

August Pars Tabacchi

August Pars Tabacchi