Just a Tuesday in September

The following morning was, if even possible, almost worse than the day before. As I left my building, I saw the darkness in the sky to the south. I heard the sounds of an eerie silence. No traffic. Nothing. A lone firetruck passed me by, full of grim-faced firefighters headed towards the West Side Highway, destination World Trade Center.

Can I Ever Go Home Again?

The conversation moves on to a discussion on the prices of prime beef on the hoof, cattle in general, and poultry. The warmth of this room, of the people in it, and the conversation would continue like this for another three years, until Dada’s death. After May of 1963, while the conversation would continue, it would never be the same again.

It’s Clinton

I am voting for Hillary Clinton on November 8th. I will do everything I can between now and then to help get her elected. Because with all her flaws, I believe she will do no harm to my country. I believe she will be a good, solid President.

I want my vote to count. I endorse Hillary Clinton to become the First Madam President of the United States of America.