We’ve been trumped. It’s time to stop giggling at the Donald Trump entertainment phenomenon. There is nothing remotely entertaining at the prospect of handing the White House keys to Donald and Melania Trump.

While we were all being greatly entertained by the crude comments of the Trump campaign spokespeople, and while we were being collectively taken aback by Trump’s personal attacks on his main competitors, the man himself was scheming his way to the top of the political leaderboard.

A Chat with Veronica Anderson, Creator of The Shticks

It was after that that I stopped drawing my life-like drawings and started making my own stick people to document and record funny things that happened to me, family and friends. I got absolutely hooked on that feeling of sharing the funny moments with the people involved. I wish I had kept copies of all the cartoons I drew throughout the years, but back then I was just drawing to share and give them away.