Loss And Hope

Our lovely sister Vera passed away on April 7th at 9:30 pm. Epilepsy and medical complications marked her life, yet she always had a welcoming smile on her face. I miss Vera more and more as the months go by, yet I have the peace of having seen her and touched her beautiful red hair one last time, at the wake. There has been nothing as painful in my life as losing my little sister. I was eight years old when she was born, busily knitting blue booties for my new black brother during needlework class at school. My teacher told me I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home that day. We were all surprised!

Responsible Gun Law Reform

On one of our recent talk radio shows, broadcasting live on CURRENT (Rapid Radio Network) the discussion centered around gun law reform, primarily because of the terrible events that unfolded at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC the previous Monday morning.  Co-host and DC are public affairs correspondent BB Lawson, guest John F. McMullen and I talked about the rights and wrongs of gun law reform. Gun control, responsible gun control, doesn’t have to curb anyone’s constitutional rights.  Gun rights activists toss the Second Amendment around with impunity, choosing to read into the simple sentence that they have an almost God-given RIGHT to bear arms.  Here it is, unedited, direct from the Library of Congress – read more 

A Look At Mental Health

A few weeks ago, we broadcast a radio show* about gun law reform.  The topic of mental health screening came up – this was the same week that Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard.  Many of our panelists and callers raised questions about the inadequacy of mental health screening in the United States.  We agreed we would do a show on mental health in the near future.  That future has accelerated towards us – read more 

The Typewriter

My writing career started early, courtesy of an indulgent father. A running joke between us right up until the end was how shocked and proud he was going to be when I became a best-selling novelist. He was an engineer by day and a historian by night. He wrote exhaustively about local history, especially his beloved Rathnew, collecting photographs and mementos along the way – read more

Social Media Marketing Future Perfect

Marketing is about many things, among which are selling and promoting but above all, it’s about creating meaningful relationships with customers. This is also what social media marketing is all about. I have to laugh though when I think back almost fifty years to my childhood in Foynes.  We had a form of social media marketing back then too!  Willie “Butcher” knew what cuts of meat our household needed every week, just as Mr. King knew what kind of tea leaves to mix from the various aromatic tea-chests in his shop. Mrs. Nash in Newcastle West sat us down on chairs in her drapery store and brought out the latest in botany wool cardigans and plaid skirts.

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