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Just a Tuesday in September

The following morning was, if even possible, almost worse than the day before. As I left my building, I saw the darkness in the sky to the south. I heard the sounds of an eerie silence. No traffic. Nothing. A lone firetruck passed me by, full of grim-faced firefighters headed towards the West Side Highway, destination World Trade Center.

It’s Clinton

I am voting for Hillary Clinton on November 8th. I will do everything I can between now and then to help get her elected. Because with all her flaws, I believe she will do no harm to my country. I believe she will be a good, solid President.

I want my vote to count. I endorse Hillary Clinton to become the First Madam President of the United States of America.

A Chat with Veronica Anderson, Creator of The Shticks

It was after that that I stopped drawing my life-like drawings and started making my own stick people to document and record funny things that happened to me, family and friends. I got absolutely hooked on that feeling of sharing the funny moments with the people involved. I wish I had kept copies of all the cartoons I drew throughout the years, but back then I was just drawing to share and give them away.