A Call To Arms

OK. So the ‘War On Women’ is a bit of a hackneyed phrase at this point. Overused to some extent, but no less legitimate for that. We in the media are focused on the political ‘War On Women’ – and make no mistake, that war does exist. Political party machines are notoriously sexist and make it very difficult for women to run for public office.

There is a more insidious war being waged on us though. Subliminal, corrosive, and dangerous. I am talking about the workplace.

There are still men in positions of authority in offices all over this great country of ours who discriminate against women, and sometimes bully and harass women. Discrimination is a lethal weapon in this war being waged against us. It’s a fact that women are being paid less than men – for doing the same job.  Reference the recent departure of Jill Abramson from the New York Times. I got a grain of satisfaction from cancelling that subscription. Well, Abramson has made her first public appearance since her dismissal.  It was at Wake Forest University, where she gave the commencement address. I was disappointed that Abramson appeared to make light of the trauma.

She is quoted as saying “I’m talking to anyone who has been dumped — have not gotten the job you really wanted or have received those horrible rejection letters from grad school,” she said. “You know the disappointment of losing, or not getting something you badly want. When that happens, show what you are made of.” Yes. Let’s see what you’re made of, Jill. Will you use your experience for the good of other women, by speaking out and challenging the establishment? or will you stay silent in the expectation that you will be hired more readily if you stay quiet?

Why do we women accept less money than men do, for doing the same job? That’s where that old subliminal messaging comes in. For generations, we have stepped aside in the workplace. We have been conditioned to do this. Raised to be second-class citizens.  Time for a change anyone?