Blueprint for a better America, Newark & district

Blueprint for a Better America:

Let me first start by saying, I am not a politician. I am an average American with average American dreams. I am flawed, not perfect by a long shot. I am not the brightest light bulb; in fact, I am nothing more than a dimly lit lantern. I am not running for Public office so I don’t have a reason to lie as of yet, if and when I do decide to run, you can look out for the lies than. I am not doing Business with Big business so you don’t have to worry about my agenda. Big Business has screwed me just as much as it has screwed you. I was born poor, raised poor and will probably die poor, so I don’t have to get use to being poor. I guess you can say, any step up is much better than where I am now, which is rock bottom. I have never been at the head of my class, not wealthy enough to have class, too poor to be over classed and don’t earn enough to be middle Class. I guess I am in the majority, the Underclass. What I offer is not etched in stone; it can be altered like any other document. It is as fluid as the days, weeks, months and years.  Like the constitution, it can be amended.