Public Relations In Politics

A series of essays on the role of public relations in politics by Margaret Mulvihill

How Relevant is Traditional PR?

The Power of Public Relations

Managing the Crisis in Flint

Polls: Up, Down, or Out

Killing your Campaign in a Soundbite 

The Refugee Crisis 

The Ultimate Public Relations Machine 

The United States of Public Relations 

PR in the Time of Politics

Rolling with the Punches

Redefining and Expanding

Marjorie McKenzie Lawson

In The Abstract

So You Want To Be President!

Does PR Still Have A Role In Politics?

You’re Just Not Ready for Prime Time, Honey!

Optics And Perception

Journalists Are Killing Information?

Definitions And Candidates

War On Women – Real Issue Or Media-Driven Talking Point?

The Politics Of Public Relations

A Woman’s World: Public Relations

A Different Lens

Scandal And Panic

Inside A Political Campaign

When PR And Politics Collide

A Split Decision In Two States 

Political Public Relations Then And Now 


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