Chutzpah: Donald Trump 2016


The sheer chutzpah of the spectacle of New York businessman Donald J. Trump running for President is staggering. Donald Trump has the appearance and affect of a manipulative liar, an amoral shell person, and a narcissistic sociopath. The reasons behind his election success thus far are rooted in bad politics – tea party politics. With the compliance of Democratic leaders and of Republican leaders, along with the simpering coverage of the main stream media, Trump continues to romp towards the finish line.

Watching Trump’s public persona is reminiscent of seeing a B-movie mob boss in action. Spewing verbal abuse whenever and wherever he feels like it, he shows little or no impulse control. Other people’s feelings appear unimportant to him. ‘Get them out, get them out now’ is a familiar refrain reverberating at Trump rallies. Indeed, other people’s lives are visibly unimportant to him.

As another so-called Super Tuesday passes by, I am yet again listening to Donald Trump talking about his latest win, and what a wonderful person he is. Nothing concrete, no issues, just reinforcing for his apparently uneducated supporters that he is awesome and will be awesome, and will continue to be awesome.

Thanks in large part to exceptional fact-checking on the part of Politico, it was determined today that Trump lies at least once every five minutes. * Read the story below, it is well worth your time. We need more of this kind of truthful reporting to inform the electorate about who Donald J. Trump really is.