Death of a Thug

By Peadar O’Maoileoin

The cessation of Ian Paisley’s beating heart today has almost no significance.

As with the death of any controversial figure, the passing of this cretin has ignited debate throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and some parts of the rest of the world. At 88 years old, Paisley’s death is not surprising given that he had been sick for some time.

Deaths of this kind are oftentimes accompanied by two arcs: those who won’t speak ill of the dead and those who don’t hold back. The same patterns emerged after the death of Margaret Thatcher in April of last year.

Paisley was a villainous thug who preyed on the impressionable youth in Northern Ireland, and is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people. In light of this I won’t be holding back, and neither should you. The only tragedy about his death is that he did not die behind bars, where he would have been in good company.

When rallying a loyalist mob in 1969, Ian Paisley made a disgusting sectarian statement against Irish Catholics by stating “They breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin”. Make no mistake, this was a man who made it his job to create animosity between two religious groups: Protestants and Catholics; a man who profited from the hatred he created and spread for most of his life; a man who if he had the power would have ethnically cleansed the six counties of Ulster under the control of the British government.

Paisley used religion to divide communities, separating people and creating barriers between them;barriers which still exist today. He created an “Us versus Them”mentality which is still largely prevalent, and this way of thinking is the chief reason the north is so divided, even in government. His actions filled graveyards with the bodies of innocent young men and women; events he openly celebrated.

Like many fanatical evangelist preachers, Paisley was obsessed with the sex lives of others. Throughout the seventies and eighties he campaigned against homosexuality, citing the bible and asking the populace to “Save Ulster from sodomy!”. He celebrated the death of Pope John XXIII and remarked that the deceased Pope was now in hell for all eternity, so why should people be prevented from extending the same courtesy to him?

The evil he created will live long after him, and it will take Northern Ireland generations to recover from this rat bag’s actions. It’s a shame there is no hell for him go to.

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  1. Maura Lyons, that was her name. Paisley smuggled the 15 year old to Scotland and helped convert her to Protestantism. He publicly played the tape of this conversion, and said he would rather go to prison than help people find her.