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Margaret Lawson

As a broadcast and print Journalist, Margaret covers news and politics. In her media relations role, she advises on local, state and national political campaigns, advocates for the disabled and is a Certified Peer & Family Mentor at The Reeve Foundation. She is a member of the National Press Club, and the Society of Professional Journalists DC Chapter. She is a Past Editor of Dateline. Margaret has judged the Green Eye Shade Awards, the Dateline Awards and the DMA Excellence in Journalism Awards. She writes a monthly column for the Washington Women in Public Relations blog.

Trump, the Un-American

Don’t let us be the generation that handed the United States of America to the Russian Federation.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The likelihood that a little fascist troll could become the President of the United States of America is scary. And yet, what makes it plausible is that the other side of the coin holds Hillary Clinton.